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Hurricane Protection

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Hurricane Protection

Hurricane Protection

A hurricane shutter is simply a physical barrier installed to the exterior of a building to protect a window, or door, from damage during a storm. The best hurricane shutters endure strong winds, flying debris, and a high volume of moisture for the duration of the event.

There are varieties of hurricane shutters. We have listed the variations below:

  • Rolling Shutters - These shutters have to be attached over the doors and windows and the shutters can be rolled up and down.
  • Fabric Storm Panels - The panels are made with fabric. They can be easily attached and stored away when there‚Äôs no storm. Unlike other shutters, they let in light.
  • Storm Panel - These panels are made from steel, aluminum, and polycarbonate. You have to mount the panels on windows and doors for they need additional hardware.
  • Colonial Shutters - These storm shutters are two separate pieces that you attach to the wall beside each window.